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Our Method

Ignite Your Breath

Calm Your Mind

Recharge Your Soul


Our Teachers

Denise  "Zell" Zellmann

Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Sound Healing

Denise is a certified yoga instructor, a graduate of the Meditation and Mindfulness for Humans Institute and a sound bath facilitator. She is passionate about helping others reach their practice goals, but is most proud of the community of students that she has built through the practice.   She gravitates toward Adaptive Yoga and METTA meditation because of its emphasis on heart-opening and self-compassion practices.   She facilitates practice both in groups and one-on-one individual sessions on-line or in her private studio.  


Zen Bon Jacques-Pierre

Spiritual Mentor

Founder and Teacher at the Mindfulness and Meditation For Humans Institute, Jacques has studied all over the world.  Jacques spends most of his time coaching and teaching meditation and mindfulness in both private and institutional settings.  Jacques believes together we can change the vibration of this world and create self-healing and a global movement. 

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